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Knowing how Forestfarms Works

Forestfarms can give you advice, tips, and information about what you can do to make the earth a better place for future generations. From sourcing ethically produced food, managing waste through to learning how to compost, Forestfarms will teach you how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.
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 2 Critical Things Farmers Need to Consider

By 2050, the world’s population is expected to grow from 7 billion to over 9 billion. That means we’re going to have one hungry planet!

With more and more people living off the same amount of farmland, farmers need to develop practices that:

1. Feed the world.


2. Are environmentally sustainable.

A blueprint for a suitable practice already exists and this is what Forestfarms intends to put into action.

About Forestfarms

Forestfarms is dedicated to the development of sustainable farming in the form of tree-crop based agricultures. This is based on the work of J. Russell Smith in his 1929 book Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture.Smith’s vision is of an agriculture that fits the land and produces high-yielding, often untapped crops. His work has never been put into practice as a large scale commercial agriculture, but we plan to change that.By using the potential of tree crops to feed millions of animals and poultry, as well as restoring tree cover to huge acreages of barren hillsides, the world can address a number of environmental issues including:

  • Soil Erosion
  • Deforestation

We aim to treat our animals and poultry with kindness, allowing them to roam around and do as they please. In our tree-rich setting they can forage for for food  – acorns, walnuts, mulberries and much more.

Next year, there will be a unique opportunity for people of vision to support the development of our farm. But you can get on board now by signing up for our free newsletters that will keep you informed.

What we’ve got for you:

  • 10 part free mini-course looking at all aspects of forest farming.
  • Each week you’ll receive an email with information to help you better understand forest farming. We will tell you how to be part of our venture as we work toward putting the concept into practice early next year.
  • You will learn about forest gardening, a great way to do your part for sustainability. You will learn how to landscape your garden so not only are you producing your own great-tasting food, but it looks good too!
  • You will learn how to do your own recycling. 
  • AND, if you’re that way inclined – we’ll teach you what there is to know about raising your own chickens and pigs!


Here’s some of feedback we’ve received so far!

“I am very supportive of this venture. The animal abuse that goes on in the factory farming industry is something that people needto be alerted to. This is a creative, thoughtful, and ethical response to the tragedy of animal abuse. Animals have  a right to exist and a right to life free from torture – and make no mistake they are grimly treated.”

Lynley Tulloch (Lecturer in Environmental Education at the University of Waikato, New Zealand)


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